Seabass fillet


Seabass are one of our favourite fish – its’ soft flaky flesh, which has a slight sweetness and firmness, is versatile and goes perfectly with a range of sauces and accompaniments. We can recommend with our chorizo lentil side dish!

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Pan-fry skin-side down in a dash of oil in a hot pan for two to three minutes, turn and take off the heat.  Allow the heat of the pan to finish cooking.

Fillets from 700g fish. Each fillet is approximately 150g – 160g.

  • Sourced from responsible farms in Greece.
  • A sustainable alternative to over-fished Wild seabass.
  • Low calorie, high protein.
  • Goes well with stronger flavours and cured meats

You can order throughout the week, and then every Friday your fishbox will be available to collect between 12pm and 3pm, or if you need or would rather receive your fishbox to your doorstop, we are delighted to be able to offer home deliveries.

At the moment, we are offering home deliveries to postcodes BS8, BS6, BS3 and BS9. Your order will be delivered after 1pm on Friday, and has a £3 delivery fee. If you would like to collect your order at the restaurant yourself, we will kindly ask you to choose a collection time between 12pm and 3pm on Fridays in the order notes as you checkout.

If there are too many requests for the same time, we’ll get in touch and suggest the closest alternative in order to adhere to social distancing.

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